This is my page for my other, non car-related hobbies, of which I actually have a few (even though you might be hard pressed to think otherwise...)

Hi-Fi and Home Cinema

I've never been too much into this field until 1997, when I bought some new interconnects between my current CD-player (Vector Research VCD-770) and amplifier (Denon PMA-1560). The difference from the standard interconnects were huge! And then the upgrading begun! :-D

I started with the CD-player - a Marantz CD63 SE was purchased. It is renowned for it's warm sound and deep bass, and sounded so good I was wondering what I had missed for all these years.

Unfortunately it also made me wonder about my amplifier. It was powerful, no doubt about that, but the bass was mushy and soft and if I cranked up the volume a bit, it wasn't pleasant to listen to. I knew the speakers (Cerwin Vega AT-100) probably didn't help either, but I didn't want to loose the awesome bass for my surround setup.

What I wanted was preferably a pre/power-amplifier combination with a remote, at least 5 line-ins and a more brighter sound. I finally found the solution in a NAD 317 / NAD 214 combo. The 317 is essentially a NAD 114 preamplifier and a NAD 214 poweramplifier integrated, and it has a remote. With a 214 in addition, I had plenty of power at my hands.

Unfortunately, the NAD 317 has serious problems with hum. On my CV's, the hum was very noticeable, but undetectable on smaller speakers. After going through 4 different 317's over an 8 month period (most of the time waiting for a new revision of the powersupply, which didn't make any difference), I bit the bullet and stepped up the ladder somewhat. I bought a NAD 116 preamplifier (quite different to the 114, and it has a remote) and a NAD 218 THX poweramplifier.

Then came the time where the Cerwin's just had to go. They were OK for my taste in music when I got them - but taste changes. And what a moment that was. Imagine my amazement when their successors proved not only to be a whole lot of clearer, tighter and all around much, much better speakers, but with their 12" bass they kicked the Cerwin's butt! I dropped all plans of getting a subwoofer instantly. The speakers, Snell B Minor, are simply incredible. And well worth their (considerable) cost.

I also had a surround-setup; A Kenwood SS-3300 decoder, a B&W CC6 center speaker and a couple of Dali SS-5 rear speakers. The center and rear speakers are driven by a NAD 214 poweramplifier. The source is a JVC HR-628 VCR. To view it all on, I've got a 32" Grundig TV, which I'm very happy with.

In 1998 I jumped onto the DVD-scene, and purchased a Sony DVP-S715. This was modified, and now I can watch any zones on it. It's great, and I'm very happy with it.

The Kenwood is now gone, and in it's place is a shiny, new Yamaha RX-V795aRDS. This is a receiver with RDS radio, Dolby ProLogic, Dolby Digital (AC3) and DTS. I didn't really need the built-in amplifiers, but it's almost impossible to get pure processors at a decent price. The setup is almost identical to the Kenwood-config, but the two rear channels now have exclusive use of the 214, while the center speaker is run off one of the amps in the Yamaha. The Yamaha was a big, big step up from the Kenwood, and finally I get some bass from my Snell's when watching movies as well...

Last, but not least, to control it all, I've got a Marantz RC2000 remote control. This handy gizmo can be taught to control up to 10 units, and best of all - it has macro-modes. This means you can turn on your VCR, TV, amp, turn up the volume, and start the video. With just the touch of 2 buttons. Amazing...


I've been an avid Amiga fan ever since it came out in 1985, but after a while I stopped enjoying playing games on it - it's a computer, not a console. And PC games are horrible. When the Playstation came out in september 1995, I was hooked immediately. Not since the early days of the Amiga had I been so hypnotized by a machine. The first game I ever got was, naturally, Ridge Racer. Boy, was that gooood! Later came Doom, Wipeout, Destruction Derby, Ridge Racer Revolution, Need For Speed and Formula 1. I guess you can deduce from these titles I'm a bit of a race car addict. If I was to nominate a single game for first prize, it'd have to be Formula 1 from Psygnosis. This game has so much realism in it, so much accuracy it's scary. And playing one on one with a link-cable is absolutely enthralling.

Now I'm just waiting for the PSX-2...


I bought an Amiga 1000 just after it's release and fell totally in love with it. I have since been through an A2000, an A3000 and an A4000. My current lineup consists of the following:

  • A1000/000/7Mhz/0MB/2.5MB
  • A3000/030/25MHz/1.3GB/14MB/Ethernet/
    Picasso II (my Amiga away from home, i.e. at work)
  • A4000/060/50MHz/2.5GB/50MB/Ethernet/
    Cybervision 64 + external SCSI-tower (sometimes running the only 68060 Mac in the world)
  • CD32
  • CDTV

Other machines in my study:

  • Commodore C128D
  • Sinclair QL
  • Sony Playstation
  • IBM PC/PentiumIII/733MHz/40GB/512MB/Ethernet running Win 2000

Last updated: 30.08.00