Who I am? Why, ...

I'm on the far right. The stuff in the middle is various forms of alcohol. Dunno who those other guys were. That last part was a joke. I keep having to tell people when I'm joking. Oh well.

My name is Jørn Innset (first name pronounced as the first part of the word 'journey'), I'm 31 years old and I live in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

When not working, I spend most of my time with my girlfriend Lin, working on my car (or driving it), with my friends, watching movies, hacking on one of my five Amiga's, cursing Windows and Bill Gates, playing a game on Playstation or listening to music.

I'm currently working as a network administrator at Oslo Port Authority, in Oslo (doh). Which means I get to see a lot of ships going in and out. Isn't that swell? Oh, and I get to play with a lot of cool computer stuff too, which is very nice indeed.

I started my academic career at NHI, which was rather dull and pretty much a waste of time (and that explains why you can't click "NHI" and check it out). After two years and lots of money down the drain, I moved to Trondheim to attend Trondheim College of Engineering. Not a bad move. After all, I had most of my friends up there already. You see, they were a lot smarter than I was at the time, so they just sorta skipped wasting two years and a lot of money. They could've told me sooner. Bastards. But I digress.

Anyway, Trondheim was really great (if you're contemplating going there to study, DO SO!) and the school wasn't bad either. And I got a bunch of new mates to hang out with.

After doing the Trondheim-experience, I went to join the Royal Norwegian Army. Not voluntarily, mind you, but Norway has this law, which says if you're healthy and able, you have to serve your country for 12 months. Or 15, which I ended up serving. I spent some six weeks at Madla in Stavanger, training to be a sailor. Naturally, I wound up doing something completely different (I never even got to set my foot on a ship during those 15 months!). I was sent up to DEFCOMNOR which is Norway's feeble attempt at impersonating the Pentagon. I was there for the time remaining, working as a do-it-all with computers. And that was not altogether bad, since that was what I had been studying for all along. Did I forget to mention that? Dang. Oh well, you know now.

After turning down a job at Compaq (I kid you not - the pay wasn't that good and I'd spend my day helping people with their PC's over the phone) I got my current position at Oslo Port Authority. I spend my days helping people with their PC's, but not over the phone, mind you. Well, occasionally I do that as well. BTW: My mentor is the B.O.F.H., but I don't tell anyone. Ooops. Wait a minute while I yank my foot out of my mouth. There. Yuck. I hate dogshit on my shoes.

Did I mention some people don't appreciate my tender sense of humour? Pretty inconsiderate, don't you think? Aw, who cares.

So, what do you think of me so far? Feel free to mail me your opinion, but be forewarned I might choose to send it to /dev/null (or NIL:, for you Amiga-literate out there) in true B.O.F.H. style. Hey, does anyone know what /dev/null corresponds to on PC's? Oh, now I remember - C:\WINDOWS

Last updated: 30.08.00