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  • Location: Oslo, Norway
  • Car: 1995 ST202, blue/green-ish
  • Tag: BP 42403
  • Production date: 05/94
  • VIN: JT164STL200049625
  • Model: ST202L-BLMGFW
  • Engine: 3S-GE
  • Color code: 752
  • Trim code: FD20
  • Mileage: 167000 kms (28/04/2004)
  • Data (as standard):
    • 1210 kg
    • 175 hp@7000 rpm
    • 186 Nm@4800 rpm
    • 0-100 km/h@8.1s
    • vMax@220 km/h

This is my 'everyday-car', which I use all year to and from work or any time I'm not comfortable using my MR2...:-)

That, however, hasn't stopped me from using money on modifications for it! I guess I'm not the kind of guy who just buys a car and leaves well enough alone...

I bought it on october 5th 2001 from its female owner, and according to her there is only one previous owner in Switzerland, where it was originally sold. It was imported to Norway in 1999. The only original equipment was AC and stereo (radio/CD/tape), but I was just looking for AC anyway, so.... Unfortunately the paint was in a horrible condition, but the price was right so I bought it anyway. :-D

The car is now sold, hopefully the new owner will enjoy it as much as I have.

Before me buying it #1
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Before me buying it #2
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Before me buying it #3
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Modifications and parts bought and installed (ordered by date):

Modifications pending:

  • Maybe: Sideskirts, Toyota part # 75855-20030, 75856-20030
  • A big maybe: Group A spoiler part (hightens the original spoiler to ST205-spec), Toyota part # 76087-20916, 76088-20914

After having owned an MR2 since 1994, and enjoyed the many (MANY!) sites and forums on the Internet specifically for this car, it was a shock looking for the same for the Celica. While there are a few sites around, they're mostly concerned about the really old ones, or the latest (7th gen.) Celica. To top it off, in the forums I see references to MR2-sites for this and MR2-sites for that - are Celica-owners really that technically challenged? In all fairness, there are a few sites worth reading, and they're specified below.

This webpage is mostly here because I like to keep track of the things I do with my cars, and since I've got a terrible memory, this is one way of doing it. And if I can help others with their Celica's at the same time, well then that's great...:-D

Anyway, I enjoy driving the Celica, and modifying it, and while it's harder to find solutions on the Internet than for the MR2, it's fun trying!

The summer of 2002 I visited Nürburgrings Nordschleife for the third year in a row, first time with the Celica. It performed very well indeed, and I set a new personal best with a laptime of 09:45:00.

Useful Celica-links:

More pictures of my car:

tn_CIMG0022.JPG (1738 bytes) tn_DSCN6295.JPG (1527 bytes) tn_DSCN7414.JPG (1665 bytes) tn_DSCN7415.JPG (1756 bytes) tn_DSCN7416.JPG (1708 bytes)
tn_DSCN7417.JPG (1932 bytes) tn_DSCN7418.JPG (1806 bytes) tn_DSCN7419.JPG (1993 bytes) tn_DSCN7420.JPG (2001 bytes) tn_DSCN7421.JPG (1940 bytes)
tn_DSCN7422.JPG (2003 bytes) tn_CIMG0055.JPG (2049 bytes) tn_CIMG0056.JPG (2084 bytes) tn_CIMG0057.JPG (1660 bytes) tn_CIMG0058.JPG (1687 bytes)
tn_CIMG0059.JPG (1498 bytes) tn_CIMG0060.JPG (1596 bytes) tn_CIMG0061.JPG (1624 bytes) tn_CIMG0062.JPG (2000 bytes) tn_CIMG0063.JPG (1605 bytes)
tn_CIMG0064.JPG (1701 bytes) tn_CIMG0065.JPG (1980 bytes) tn_CIMG0066.JPG (1920 bytes) tn_CIMG0067.JPG (1944 bytes) tn_CIMG0068.JPG (1559 bytes)

These are from the Nürburgring in 2002:

tn_DSCN6390.JPG (2575 bytes) tn_DSCN6391.JPG (2416 bytes) tn_DSCN6392.JPG (2979 bytes) tn_DSCN6393.JPG (2650 bytes) tn_DSCN6399.JPG (2665 bytes)
tn_DSCN6412.JPG (3322 bytes) tn_DSCN6505.JPG (2847 bytes) tn_P7063928.jpg (3882 bytes) tn_P7063930.jpg (4122 bytes) tn_P7063931.jpg (4025 bytes)
tn_P7063932.jpg (4034 bytes) tn_P7063933.jpg (4191 bytes) tn_P7063934.jpg (4049 bytes)

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