My MR2


  • Location: Oslo, Norway
  • Car: 1987 Mk1 T-roof, black
  • Tag: CE 34085 (exciting, isn't it? :-D)
  • Production date: 12/86
  • VIN: JT1C0AW1100105593
  • Color code: 204
  • Trim code: 21
  • Mileage: 190000 kms, 22.05.2010 (In Roan, Norway, July 2000)
Last updated: 06.08.08

My MR was made in Japan in December '86, and was delivered to the port of Drammen, Norway January 18, 1987. It's first owner purchased it March 24th. After that, two more had the pleasure of owning it, until I bought it December 23, 1994 (nice X-mas present for myself...:-D).

Modifications done (in the order they were done):

  • Blaupunkt München RDS radio/CD-player, Magnum bass-tubes behind the seats (28/01/95)
  • Total repaint (23/04/95)
  • Momo Ferrari Engineering 7"x15" wheels, offset 38 mm (18/07/95)
    Click here for picture #1, or here for picture #2
  • Yokohama A510 205/50/15 tyres (18/07/95)
  • Momo Superanatomico stick (09/08/95)
    Click here for picture
  • Momo Champion steering wheel (18/10/95)
    Click here for picture #1, or here for picture #2
  • Adjustable air/fuel mixture via knob on dash (removed when new chip was installed)
  • Yellow Koni adjustable shocks all round (28/03/96)
  • Cerwin Vega! AI 42 speakers in dash (04/05/96)
  • Replaced left and right rear fenders due to unbeatable rust in the wheel-wells (expensive as you'd never believe - $4100/£2500 parts, paint & labor) (11/07/96)
  • Momo carbon fibre pedal set (16/07/96)
    Click here for picture
  • Janspeed exhaust - perhaps my best investment yet (15/08/96)
  • Tokico springs all round, lowered 30 mm (08/03/97)
  • HKS Super PowerFlow induction kit (15/03/97)
    Click here for picture
  • C's short stroke shift (15/03/97)
  • VDO oil temperature and oil pressure gauges (30/03/97)
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  • New clutch; Centerforce Dual Friction (01/04/97)
  • New flywheel; HKS Ultralight, only 4.8 kg compared to the originals' 9 kg  (01/04/97)
  • Complete suspension adjustment, more negative camber! (09/07/97)
  • New alarm (18/07/97)
  • Chiptuning by Simco here in Norway. +13 hp on the dyno (29/07/97)
  • Red Line gearoil (08/08/97)
  • Clear corner lights, Toyota part no.'s 81521-03011 and 81511-03011 (11/10/97)
    Click here for picture #1, or here for picture #2
  • Removed the radio and the Magnum bass-tubes - wasn't ever being used anyway, and the weight went down...:-) Kept the speakers in the dash for that occasional radio use
  • Tilton Brake proportioning valve - yihaa! Finally proper braking, with close to 50/50 front/rear ratio. Bought it from Demon Tweeks (10/07/98)
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  • Changed to coolant from Comma, supposed to lower the temperature compared to a normal coolant, and that's got to be for the best...:-) (12/07/98)
  • Mocal Aeroquip TFE steel braided brake lines (17/08/98)
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  • Removed the (butt ugly) sideskirts, and put original MR2 mudflaps on instead - what a relief! (15/04/99)
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  • TAR·OX slotted front brakediscs - made one hell of a difference! I got my 20-groove discs from Demon Tweeks. Swapped the rear discs for new original Toyota discs at the same time, as well as new studs all 'round   (14/05/99)
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  • Wired the driving lights properly in time for the bi-annual government control of the car, thanks to Inge for that! (20/06/99)
  • Bosch Super-4 sparkplugs - thought I'd try them for a change, but I guess I'll go back to Toyota originals next time (no difference) (15/07/99)
  • FSE Power Boost Valve to be able to adjust the fuel pressure (20/01/00)
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  • Went for a loooong trip around Europe (4000+ kms) - not a mod, I know, but still...:-D Had the old thing at 215 km/h on a slight uphill on the German Autobahn - steady as a rock! The moulding above the windshield came loose, and made a horrible, vibrating sound at 190 km/h. (22/06-07/07/00)
  • New tyres, Bridgestone Potenza S-02 - 205/50/15 (10/08/00)
  • Fully adjustable swaybars by Suspension Techniques front (installed) and rear (pending) (15/08/00)
    Click here for picture #1, here for picture #2, here for picture #3
  • Replaced windshield with mouldings (see why above) and removed some rust around it (08/09/00)
  • Finally installed the rear Suspension Techniques swaybar - going racing sunday 10th... (09/09/00)
    Click here for picture #1, here for picture #2, here for picture #3, here for picture #4
  • After the trackday on the 10th, I heard some disturbing noises from the back of the took 5 months before I had the time to investigate (not a problem, the car was in storage for winter). What I found was that the bolts for the rear swaybar were too long, causing them to scrape the wheelwells...ouch... After using a hacksaw on them, this was no longer a problem (15/02/01)
    Click here for picture #1, here for picture #2, here for picture #3, here for picture #4
  • Installed Momo Cup drivers seat (after fabricating brackets...), lost 10 kg on the original seat - a whole trackday showed it was worth it, I range this among the best improvements I've done to my car! I've never felt so in control of my car. Thanks to Tommy Guttman and Dave Aucott for the inspiration (21/06/01)
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  • After having a 2 Kg Gloria fire extinguisher rolling around in the front luggage compartment for a year, I came round to mounting it inside the car, fits nicely in front of the passenger seat (21/06/01)
    Click here for picture #1, here for picture #2
  • EBC Green Stuff front brake pads - kevlar high friction compund, effective up to 550 deg. Celcius. Supposedly virtually dustfree. I wonder if they work any better than stock? I'll know when the upcoming trip to Nurburgrings Nordschleife is over...:-) UPDATE: The dust was no less than the standard Toyota pads...
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  • New ignition leads, Magnecor 8mm from Fensport (07/01/02)
  • Dual A-pillar gaugepod from Lo-Tek (11/04/02)
  • Clear side markers/turn signals from Autoart via Halfords in th UK (thanks, Chris!), part number TY-305 (30/04/2002)
  • Finally found some time to replace both rear calipers, which had seized. Cost about $400 for two new replacement calipers...ouch (09/08/2002)
  • Changed to EBC brake fluid (307 deg. Celcius boilingpoint) (09/08/2002)
  • Changed the HKS airfilter element in my Super Powerflow - about time too...for fun I ordered an orange element this time...;-) (09/04/2003)
  • Changed the spark plugs (orig. Toyota) and the oil, as usual, Castrol RS 10/60 (09/04/2003)
  • Installed a dual camerasystem for recording my laps at Nurburgrings Nordschleife this summer. Two bulletcams, one at the front, one at the rear, and an ordinary videocamera to tape it all inside. I might include a third bulletcam to film the suspension working (09/04/2003)
  • Made a mount for an Ipaq (for GPS-mapping) and a Palm (for tracking laps) (09/04/2003)
  • EBC Red stuff brake pads replaced the Green stuff (17/04/2003)
  • Adjusted the Momo seat lower and closer to the steering wheel. I'm now literally sitting on the floor, and in correct distance to the wheel. Only 1 week till Nurburgrings Nordschleife... (17/04/2003)
  • New lap record for the MR2 on the Nürburgring: 9:17 BTG! (02/05/2003)
  • The EBC Red Stuff pads were totally finished after 12 laps on the Nürburgring - had to change back to the OEM Toyota pads that I was forunate enough to have with me... No more Red Stuff for me! (04/05/2003)
  • Set a new personal max speed on the Autobahn in Germany - 207 km/h according to the GPS. 230 km/h according to the speedometer...:-D (05/05/2003)
  • Changed the oil and oil filter, as usual, Castrol RS 10/60 (13/07/2003)
  • MTEC SuperWhite bulbs for the headlights installed (13/07/2003)
  • Bought 2 sets of Ferodo brakepads from Demon Tweeks on eBay, not installed yet (26/08/2003)
  • Went to Arctic Circle Raceway (2000 km!) - drove some 200 km on the track and came home without incidents! Almost hit a reindeer, though...:-) Tyres are now shot, have to wait for spring to buy some new... Pictures here and videos here (01/09/2003)
  • Measured camber (25/09/2003):
    Left front: -1.9
    Right front: -1.8
    Left rear: -1.8
    Right rear: -2.4
  • New tyres, Yokohama AVS Sport 205/50/15 (22/04/2004)
  • I've been restoring the original teardrop-rims, the goal is to put Yokohama A-032 racetyres on them for track use. The rims need one more layer of paint, but next week I'll put the 32's on them, and I'm really looking forward to testing them on the track, late in May, that is (30/04/2004)
  • R-tyres mounted on restored rims! (05/05/2004)
  • More on the R-tyres: Got some hints that I might be running way too high pressure in them, so I filled them up with 1.6 (front) and 1.7 (rear) bar, tyres cold. After some laps I measured the pressure again, and it was up to 2.4/2.5 bar! So while it was still too much, the difference was breathtaking! Note that it was 30+ (Celsius) the day I tested, the pressure will vary with the temperature in the air
  • Changed the oil and oil filter, as usual, Castrol RS 10/60  (13/05/2004)
  • Replaced the 'triangles' by the mirrors, cheap and much, much better than the old, glued ones (03/06/2004)
  • Changed the coolant, again from Comma. It's been 6 years since I changed it, and would you believe the old coolant was as good as new? If someone had looked at the old next to the new, that someone would be hard pressed to point out which was which. Also changed the draining plug on the top of the engine (29/07/2004)
  • Out of winter storage. Changed the oil, oil filter, spark plugs, rotor and distr. cap (14/04/2005)
  • Another trackday at Rudskogen - fun with no incidents! Check out the video here and the pictures here! (05/07/2005)
  • Out of winter storage. Changed the oil, oil filter, spark plugs and brake pads (Ferodo front, OEM rear) (03/05/2006)
  • Changed to Valvoline 5.1 brake fluid just in time for a trackday at Vålerbanen, check out the video here (03/06/2006)
  • Changed the wheel bearings front left and right, and the tie rod ends as well. The bearing on the right had damaged the hub when it went, so replaced it with a used hub from an '86 (07/07/2007)
  • New floor mats from Twos R Us (27/07/2008)
  • Changed the oil - Castrol 10w60 - and oil filter - 90915-YZZJ2 (30/07/2008)
  • Installed Trunk Spring Helper from Twos R Us (30/07/2008)
  • Changed the spark plugs (01/08/2008)
  • Complete geo (05/08/2008):
    • Front: Camber -1.3 deg., toe 1.6 (total) - 0.8 per side
    • Rear: Camber -1.3 deg., toe 3.2 (total) - 1.6 per side
    • Check out the documentation here (PDF)
  • Had a bit of a battle with the starter motor - it wouldn't turn at all after winter storage. New battery didn't help, neither did better earthing nor banging the starter with a hammer. I took it out of the car, hooked it up to a battery, started the motor and verified it worked. Put it back in, and the car fired right up. Oh well. :-) (24/04/2009)
  • Changed the oil - Castrol 10w60 - and oil filter - 90915-YZZJ2 (24/04/2009)
  • Passed the bi-annual obligatory checkup with flying colors (27/05/2009)
  • New battery, Biltema 44Ah (27/05/2009)
  • Finally, my own garage, with room for the MR2 and it's cousins! (24/10/2009)
  • Photo shoot for NSK calendar 2010 (26/11/2009)
  • Out of winter storage (19/04/2010)
  • Changed the front brakepads, Ferodo 2500 again. The old ones had more or less disintegrated! :-D (03/05/2010)
  • Installed a tape/radio, kinda fits an 80's car :-) (01/08/2010)
  • Changed the oil, oil filter and spark plugs - ready for summer! (10/04/2012)
  • The big winter overhaul: Changed the timing belt, alternator belt, water pump, cambelt tensioner, exhaust manifold (had cracked) wrapped with exhaust wrap, restored the cam covers and installed with new gaskets (covers now with bright yellow lettering), replaced the o-ring for the distributor (was leaking oil), replaced the bracket by the rear view mirror, crankshaft pulley (lightweight aluminum from Fensport), installed a Jimi bracket, refurbed the battery clamp, replaced the horn with a proper one, fitted new driving lights, painted the windshield wipers, new wipersreplaced the front grille, reinstalled OEM drivers seat, fitted the MR2 sill treads I|ve had lying around for years, replaced the handbrake lever with a leather one, replaced the door panels with leather inserts, leather gear gaiter cover from eBay, fitted the Sbits shift cable bearing kit and finally changed the oil and coolant - phew! (winter 2012-2013) - a few pictures below, lots more here
  • Changed the oil, oil filter and spark plugs - ready for summer! (10/06/2020)

Modifications pending:

  • Cusco rear strut tower brace - I'm having a hard time finding it in Europe. If you know where I can get it, email me at
  • A complete set of polyurethane bushings from Fensport
  • Pro-Bolt Cam/Rocker cover kit. Purchased, not installed
  • More tuning? Might include porting, cams+++

Other things:

I thoroughly enjoy being an MR2-owner once again (I used to have a red '87 with the T-roof between 1988 and 1991). What I don't like is the huge amounts of money I spend on it... My current MR2 has eaten some $17,000 out of my pocket after I bought it (for $14,000)! It's really expensive being a car-owner in Norway. UPDATE: The $17000 was way back then. Now I've stopped counting...:-)

I'm the registrar for the MR2-register in NSK (Norsk Sportsvogn Klubb). Being a member (and presently also on the board) of NSK, I get to see a lot of other hot cars - mostly English (Morgan, Austin Healey, Jaguar, Lotus, MG, Triumph etc.), but also Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati and a lot of others. I've also been featured in a local magazine in Norway, Vi Menn, when they tested the mk3. They wanted an mk1 to compare it to, which they got (click on the pictures for larger versions).

During the summer I drive quite a few laps around Rudskogen (personal best: 1:14:10) and Vålerbanen (personal best: 1:12:56), tracks NSK rent from time to time. Nurburgrings Nordschleife is another favorite, and I managed a laptime of 9:17 BTG with the MR2!

Oh, and roundabouts are huge amounts of fun in an MR2!

Other than that, I enjoy immensly driving indoor gocarts. My 'home' track is at Huysman Racing in Oslo.

Visit my Celica-page! Or my Elise-page!